MAY 16 2007

Now that I've gone "Premium," I am in the process of sub-catagorizing images as well as perusing my portfolios for suitable and, hopefully, entertaining pieces to upload.

I don't usually do 'requests' because of the nature of my creative process, but I hope that my work 'as is' will find a receptive audience. I like the fact that people from all over the globe will have an opportunity to see work that would, for the most part, languish in closeted portfolios if not for this venue.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you are interested in chatting about art or if you feel you have comments that are too long or might be deemed inappropriate for public viewing. I am attempting to break free of my usually reclusive nature and I find that an exchange of ideas, if literate and heartfelt, is a solid and welcome stepping stone to that end. ;) --Charles